Protected: When it comes to Public Square, where have all the bollards gone?

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  • John M McGovern

    Great write-up. Thank you.

    The bollards as shown were posited, as I recall, to be used for special events on weekends when there was limited transit service and busses were not accessing Superior through the square. Thus, they would prevent any & all motorized vehicles from crossing Superior through the square.

    In order to prevent vehicles from entering the either side of the square at any time, perhaps it makes sense to place retractable bollards on the sidewalk, parallel to Superior?

    • Tim


      Installing curbside bollards along Superior, similar to the ones I document on Mall B along West Mall Drive, is precisely what I’m proposing. Sorry if I didn’t make that explicit.

  • neroden

    If GCRTA gets hit with a fine, they should plead force majeure and sue the City for refusing to let them back into Public Square — demand full compensation for the fine, plus interest, plus penalties, plus extra costs from the slower bus routes, plus lost revenue from the slower bus routes, plus punitive damages for malicious actions…