I. Overview

II. Recent Research

III. Publications

IV. Working Papers


I.) Overview

My research focuses on the environmental dynamics of conflict/peacebuilding and disaster risk reduction. I take a political ecology approach to these topics, focusing, in particular, on how socioeconomic and political inequalities and structures of dominance construct vulnerability. Geographically, my work tends to focus on South Asia, particularly Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. While the conflict and disasters fields tend to remain fairly distinct, they share a number of common themes, including concepts surrounding the vulnerabilities and capacities of populations in harm’s way, as well as a focus on the coping mechanisms that households utilize under stress. All of these components are influenced by and can affect the physical environment; in turn, these environmental changes influence these concepts in an iterative relationship.

II.) Recent Research:

  • Where DDR Meets DRR: On Pathways Linking Disaster Risk Reduction to Peacebuilding (Master’s Thesis, Spring 2013)


III.) Publications:


IV.) Working Papers:

I welcome any and all comments on these papers. However, as they are working papers, I would request that you do not attribute them without requesting permission.